The Radar Room

Typical demonstration setup at the Bluebell Railway in August 2018 for the ‘Steam Through the Ages’event at Horsted Keynes station. Representative examples of equipment required covering 40s electronics including static display table. Units shown here working were the GEE 62 indicator (with RF27 unit,) ASV radar, Chain Home radar, R1155 receiver with Direction Finding demo and Paraset covert resistance tranceiver with morse reception demo. Lastly there was a HECL NAAFI radio and a home made late 40s ‘school boys’ home made radio using two radar valves. Both of the later were receiving examples of 40s music programmes..

GEE indicator and ASV radar

GEE and ASV radar along with signal generator box.

HECL radio, Paraset and R1155 with DF demo

Radio receivers and Direction Finding demo.

Example static table
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Static table display of 40s test equipment, Decca decometers (post war) and ARC5 US aircraft radios