The Radar Room
GEE RF27 unit

RF27 unit. Part of the GEE navigation aid system. Can be heard working with our signal simulators.

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GEE RF27 unit
GEE 62 indicator GEE 62 indicator

Indicator No.62. Part of the GEE navigation aid system. Can be demonstrated with our GEE transmitter signal simulators. An example display is shown to the right:

Sample GEE display

This is our recently restored Loran APN-4 indicator unit for the reception of Loran ‘A’ transmissions.A very rare beast to find here in the UK - particularly in a working demonstratable condition alongside a demonstratable GEE system for direct comparisons.

ASV Radar

ASV Radar indicator. Can be demonstrated with our ASV signal simulator. Example display right:

ASV Radar ASV RAdar example display
R1155 Receiver

R1155 receiver. Fully calibrated and functional. The Radio Direction Finding facility can be demonstrated using our simulator with our matching pair of  L/R meters, one of which can be  seen to the far right.

R1155 Receiver
ARC5 R-26 receiver ARC5 R-26 receiver
R1155 Receiver L/R Meter
ARC5 R-27 receiver
ARC5 R-27 receiver

US ARC5 receivers. R-26 and R-27  Both fully demonstratable.

BC221 Frequency Meter
Calibrators Crystal No10
BC221 Frequency Meter

US BC221 Frequency Meter. Fully calibrated and working

Calibrators Crystal No10

Calibrators Crystal No10. Calibrated and working.

Paraset restance radio and transmitter
Range Markers Demo Unit

Whaddon Paraset. A covert transmitter / receiver dropped over occupied territory for use by resistance groups. This set is fully working. The receiver section being readily demonstratable by using micropower Ofcom approved ‘low power device’ frequencies.

Range Markers demo typical display

Radar Range marker demonstrator unit

Chain Home demonstrator
Typical Chain Home display

Chain Home Radar display simulator unit. A self contained demonstrator unit giving a selection of typical Chain Home display patterns with real-time moving radar clutter (grass) superimposed to make the display more realistic. Typical no-contact display shown above, with demonstrators timebase unit shown to the right.

Chain Home demonstrator timebase
NAAFI Radio set

This is a typical utilitarian radio set used in public meeting places like NAAFI canteens etc. The large brown painted case was hardly pretty but did the job it was meant to. This is a fully working two-waveband set. Both MW and a Short Wave ‘Tropical Band’

NAAFI Radio set
LM13 manual

US LM13 Frequency Meter. Fully calibrated and operational

HECL radio WD stamp

Here is the familiar War Department stamp found on the top of the set.

LM13 label


Decca Decometers Picture

Post-War Decca Navigator Decometers

Early Radar Klystron device

CV966 Cathode Ray Tube
Post-war school boys radio
CV966 Cathode Ray Tube X and Y plates

CV966 cathode ray tube as used in the GEE indicator 62 for instance. This is a full spec. tube held as a spare, although it is monochrome (white)

Post-war school boys radio dial

Post-War school boys radio set restored to working condition. It uses 2x EF50 ex.radar valves.

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